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Ground Breaking Content


A new concept in golf instruction video, Interactive allows you to choose your own path in building your short game technique. Something not working? Take a step back and try a different match up. We all know there isn't one way to get it done, here's how we solve that. 

Individual Videos

Standalone videos covering indiviudal parts of the short game. Currently we have 'Baseline' which is a step by step of James' preferred pattern and Bunker Basics. More to come!

Performance Practice

Learn some of the performance practice games that James uses with his tour players. Track with simple to use spreadsheets. 
Integration with UpGame is in the pipeline.

Training Plans

6 Week Training Plans to work your way through. Currently comprising 30 yards and in and 30-90, we also have fault fixing plans coming soon.

The Academy

The WedgeMatrix Academy has been developed over 15 years by it's founder James Ridyard, who has combined his experience on all the major professional tours and major championships, with incredibly deep research into what separates the very best, from the very worst.Hundreds of players have benefited around the world by attending clinics conducted by James using his short game principles.This is the first time that this expertise has been made available to the golfing public!

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This is like NOTHING you've ever seen in Golf Instruction before!


What our customers say

Steve Henderson

James. I found you on YouTube a few months ago. Loved your videos. I bought your wedge matrix. I just wanted to say thank you. You have completely transformed my short game. It was a weakness and now it is better than most. It has become a strength.

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Hi James,I’m a golf teaching professional in Toronto, Canada, and I have followed your content for the past two years. I’m coming back from some serious short game issues (started in 2014), having to rebuild that part of my game completely, and mostly on my own. Your content has really helped me find some great feels, and after a lot of winter work, I’m now hitting the best short wedge shots I’ve ever seen, contact that I’ve never felt before. 

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Tony Wright

United States

James,  I am enjoying my initial dive into your WedgeMatrix Interactive Academic training. Love the live Lesson videos - early next week will will take some personal Approach Wedge video to guide my improvement there. Thanks! 

WedgeMatrix Academy Membership