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The WedgeMatrix Academy has been developed over 15 years by it's founder James Ridyard, who has combined his experience on all the major professional tours and major championships, with incredibly deep research into what separates the very best, from the very worst.

Hundreds of players have benefited around the world by attending clinics conducted by James using his short game principles.

This is the first time that this expertise has been made available to the golfing public!


WedgeMatrix Interactive

Academy membership opens up access to the groundbreaking WedgeMatrix Interactive concept.

These interactive videos enable you to choose and build your ideal wedge technique.

Learn how to hit different trajectories, fault find your chosen technique and more! Interactive content will be updated regularly.


Your Foundation For Improvement

Included for the duration of your WedgeMatrix Membership is access to the growing collection of standalone paid-for videos. 

The first of these is Baseline and Basic Bunkers available straight away for you to get stuck into!

Baseline teaches you the basic pattern James designed to remove the faults that the very worst chippers exhibit. It's rare anyone walks away from a clinic having learned this and not improved, its as near to one size fits all as you will find!

Bunker Basics
identifies the overlooked elements required to perform well from the sand, once these are understood you'll be improving in no time!



As a WedgeMatrix member you receive access to:

+ WedgeMatrix Interactive

+ALL Standalone videos current and future

+Exclusive Members Webinars i
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If you're not ready for the full academy experience we have a growing number of individual videos ready to help you improve right now!

Yours to own forever, take your pick from a selection of videos targeted at specific areas of the short game.

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Regular free content will be added right here on the WedgeMatrix website.

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A concept a few years in the making, we decided to try and build an instructional video that covered many bases vs just one way. This really ties in with the WedgeMatrix philosophy of satisfying certain principles with different patterns based upon the individual's traits. The technology to execute this is now with us and we've exploited it fully! 

Check out this brief shot selection demo to get a taste of what interactive video is all about.